Cetelem uses Citrix to deploy its applications in different regions

Subsidiary of BNP Paribas, Cetelem is No. 1 in consumer credit in continental Europe and is growing in France and abroad. Present in 25 countries, Cetelem manages 47.4 billion euros of which 26.8 billion euros in France. Cetelem wanted to offer its employees in agencies, services identical to those offered to headquarters staff. The project was conducted smoothly thanks to Citrix architecture and the support provided by Citrix Consulting Services teams.

The business departments wanted to provide commercial staff, spread over more than 80 sites, access to the same applications as those used by the central services: office applications, messaging and business Web applications. "We are oriented towards a Citrix architecture to meet the constraint of low bandwidth between our headquarters and three remote sites," explains Thierry Léonard, Windows Architectures Manager. "Agencies have an average bandwidth of 1.6 MB, or approximately 40 KB per user."

This choice was made after comparing Citrix architecture coupled with thin client terminals in branches and an architecture based on decentralized servers in agencies, and conventional PC. "Technically and financially, the Citrix architecture was much more interesting," said Thierry Leonard. "On a given transaction, tests showed response times up to 50% lower in Citrix environment". Citrix consultants accompanied Cetelem for the implementation of this new architecture. "Their expertise has been an indispensable element in the project's success," said Thierry Léonard. "They allowed us to benefit from best practices and thus save valuable time." Today, users are equipped with thin clients and they can access the desktop, messaging and all business applications, which they centralized on 88 HPE blade servers, accessed via Citrix Presentation Server. "A decentralized architecture would have been much more difficult to manage. With Citrix, nothing is installed locally. In case of failure, a new position is immediately operational and the response time is much lower than that required in a conventional architecture."

Key Benefits 

Security a plus

Choosing Citrix does challenge the Disaster Recovery plan in place, and that, instead, was an additional argument for Citrix. "Opting for a decentralized architecture would have meant we would need to double the servers in all locations, generating significant additional cost," said Thierry Leonard. "No Data is stored in the agency all the security and backup issues are resolved immediately.”

Citrix responding to new needs 

The new applications for rapid deployment are now meeting business needs within deadlines that were not possible before. "It takes one week to make a new application available to 1000 users instead of one month like it used to,” said Thierry Leonard. "With Citrix, we have deployed applications on 15 countries with very good performance,” explains Thierry Leonard.

Looking Ahead

The expertise of Citrix Consulting Services teams was essential for the Russian project

As well as the implementation of this new architecture, Cetelem has relied on the expertise of Citrix Consulting Services, who helped Cetelem with the assessment and design of the architecture to make it environmentally friendly. "Given the magnitude of the project, which affected all employees and the complexity of the architecture, we wanted to be sure to calibrate the servers properly and meet all the needs of our users. We followed the recommendations of Citrix consultants and everything worked perfectly," said Thierry Leonard. "A good product knowledge, responsiveness and extremely relevant answers allowed us to save a lot of time in the course of the project."

Technically and financially, the Citrix architecture is more interesting than classic architecture with outsourced servers. Our agency has 2000 users that access their applications, e-mail and intranet group.
- Thierry Léonard

Windows Architectures Manager


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Key Benefits 

  • A reliable architecture
  • Good performance with low bandwidth
  • The native security of the Citrix architecture
  • No backup problem
  • Significant gains on maintenance workstations
  • Ability to make an application available to all agencies within days

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