Easynet boosts business development for e-merchants thanks to performance-oriented cloud platform

Easynet Global Services is an international supplier of administered networks, hosting and cloud integration services. Easynet plays a major role in the area of hosting services for e-commerce businesses such as Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse Tam Tam that need fast websites capable of managing increased customer requests and traffic peaks.

The Challenge: Managing the hosting of e-commerce platforms in full bloom

Easynet’s e-commerce customers suffer all too often from network congestion, particularly during their sales and Christmas periods, because their platforms are not optimized for handling such increases in traffic. “We recently integrated the websites of Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse Tam Tam into the same e-commerce platform,” says Emmanuel Lenain, e-business technical manager at the two brands that are part of the Fast Retailing group. This union, combined with the current growth of these two brands, led to a fivefold increase in traffic to manage, which was impossible with our previous platform due to the rigidity of the application architecture.” During the sales period, traffic peaks can reach 50,000 unique visitors per hour and per website. Fast Retailing very often encountered performance problems and was not in a position to manage all the SQL requests generated.

The Solution: Implementing a performance-oriented cloud platform

To resolve its customer’s network traffic issues, Easynet chose Citrix NetScaler, which improves database performance in two main areas. First, SQL multiplexing reduces the number of sessions and the interception-redirection of requests toward servers with a defined role (e.g., read only). Second, NetScaler is quick to deploy and is easily integrated to the architecture without redefining the basic code of the e-commerce application. These advantages helped Easynet provide an operational solution in just a few weeks. Furthermore, NetScaler enables Easynet to build a flexible and scalable solution that can be resized according to business needs—particularly in terms of handling traffic increases—and to work alongside the e-merchants through their long-term development strategies.

Key benefits

Enabling a flexible and scalable hosting solution

Citrix NetScaler allows Easynet to offer its customers increased data processing capacity and greater performance. Easynet can assist its customers throughout their growth because of the flexible and scalable nature of the Citrix solution. “Thanks to NetScaler, our new solution has allowed us to work alongside our customer Comptoir des Cotonniers throughout its growth and meet the challenge it has set: to multiply by 3 the turnover generated by these Internet sites by 2015. We have already designed a hosting platform capable of meeting this objective without redefining the application core of the sites,” says Patrick Cason, sales and marketing director at Easynet.

Increasing capacity to manage SQL requests and traffic peaks

The new hosting platform offered by Easynet ensures a service availability of 99.97 percent. At full load, the platform is capable of handling up to 10,000 SQL requests per second, thus exploding one of the main “choke” points.

Enabling customers to handle traffic increases without incident

Thanks to Easynet, the Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse Tam Tam spring 2013 sales period was the first without incident. “This has direct and positive consequences on our business activities and on the quality of our customer service, while allowing us to increase our loyalty rate,” says Lenain.

Easynet Case Study graphic
Visitor growth and availability rate of the Comptoir des Cotonniers site after migration to the Easynet Adaptive Cloud Data Performance solution (five weeks between the measures)

Looking ahead

Strengthened by a longstanding partnership with Citrix, Easynet would like to take this collaboration to another level by activating, in particular, the web application firewall feature in NetScaler that secures web applications, reinforces protection against involuntary, or intentional, disclosure of confidential information, and facilitates the legal compliance of the company regarding security policies such as PCI-DSS. Easynet also aims to deploy Windows-as-a-service solutions by Citrix as well as a software suite that will be more user oriented.

About Citrix

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Our e-merchant customers need a platform that can handle traffic peaks as well as large numbers of requests, particularly during the sales and Christmas periods. Citrix NetScaler not only resolves these issues, it is simple and quick to implement.
- Arnaud Tayac

Cloud and Managed Solutions Manager



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Key Benefits

  • Offered hosting that is flexible and scalable thanks to the cloud
  • Increased capacity to manage SQL requests and traffic peaks without any major modification to the application
  • Provided Comptoir des Cotonniers and Princesse Tam Tam an e-commerce platform to handle a fivefold increase in traffic without incident

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