Indonesian consumer goods company modernizes their workplace

Kino Group, one of the largest consumer goods companies in Indonesia, wanted to become more mobile and agile.

Creating a modern, digital workplace

Real estate prices are constantly on the rise, and Kino Group was finding that its costs for office and retail space were getting high. To counter this and to adapt to modern work practices, the company wanted to create an environment where employees could be mobile and work remotely or be in the office and use their own devices. This could then decrease infrastructure costs by making over offices into open spaces with shared desks.

Kino Group was also recognising issues with employees using email as a means to collaborate on projects. It was easy to lose the most up-to-date file when a number of people were exchanging updates. There was also a security risk; emails can easily be forwarded or attachments copied to external media. The company wanted to implement a more secure and easily-tracked system for multi-person projects.

Finding the right solution

Kino Group started a pilot project in the head office to test the proposed concept. It used the XenDesktop and Workplace Suite solutions from Citrix to give staff access to work applications and files simply and easily from remote locations, using their own computers or those of the company, as required.

The “Follow Me” functionality ensured that each employee could be contacted using a single phone number, even if out of the office. The company also used ShareFile to facilitate collaboration on work files in a secure environment.

Collaboration anywhere, anytime, with any device

“Our digital transformation allows remote access to everything employees need to be productive on the go. It’s the future of work.” said Mr. Joanito Iwan, the IT Director of Kino Group. The company has been able to convert its office space into open-plan shared desks, half with shared terminals and half free for employees to use their own devices. This has decreased the number of desks and office space required without causing crowding. Employees can work on shared files with no confusion, and management can control who has access to which files – and for how long.

With the modern and digital workplace concept a success, Mr. Iwan sees this adopted by the company’s other offices: “The pilot project at Head Office has worked so well that Kino Group plans to soon expand its digital workplace to other offices, retail spaces, and factories across the country.”

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Our digital transformation allows remote access to everything employees need to be productive on the go. It's the future of work.
Mr. Joanito Iwan
IT Director
Kino Group Enterprises


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Key Benefits

  • Agile and mobile workforce
  • Secure and trackable file management
  • Lower workplace infrastructure costs

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