Mondial Assistance France Innovates by Adopting Telecommuting with Citrix XenDesktop

Mondial Assistance France is the international leader in assistance, travel insurance and personal services. The French subsidiary and its 1800 employees attach particular importance to respect for this commitment. To ensure the best service 24/7, Mondial Assistance has recently launched several modernization projects including telecommuting, which plays a strategic role. Innovation was another reason they wanted to implement this project. Virtualizing desktops with Citrix XenDesktop meets all the company's goals.

A Humanist Vision of Work

With 60 years of expertise in helping beneficiaries with its services, Mondial Assistance France applies daily values shared by all employees: attention to others, the interconnection of skills and tools, the continuous improvement and innovation, the search for excellence, and a reliable trusted source.

"This set of values could also benefit our employees," notes Dominique Bost, Human Resources Director of Poles support Telework. "Letting employees work at home was taking into account their constraints and show respect and mutual assistance, as we do with regard to our customers. It is a humanist vision of work fully consistent with the mission of the company. "

To realize this project, a multidisciplinary and cross-site (Paris, Paris, Le Mans) team was incorporated in January 2010 under the direction of HRD and with the participation of the Directorate of Information Systems. "Quickly, employees from the trades of assistance, relations with partners and management services, have volunteered to test teleworking. We felt from the outset that no business was excluded from the project," said Dominique Bost.

Virtualization with Citrix Preferred over a Specific Solution

How do you deploy a secure device that is efficient and easy to install, and used in the homes of employees? Franck Périllier responsible for safety and quality information systems at Mondial Assistance France and, as such, member of the project group, explains: "Managing industrialized workstations and deploying identical configurations is not easy when it comes out of the corporate network and when some applications require the transfer of very large files," he said. "We had the choice between investing in specific developments or steer us towards virtualization architecture workstations. That's what we did."

Mondial Assistance installed workstations for volunteer employees. These lightweight terminals access via ADSL phone line connection on both data centers of the company, through a secure access infrastructure. When a user connects, a complete and specific virtual desktop (OS, applications and data) is issued. The whole course is run by the ISD.

"Two features of the Citrix XenDesktop solution enabled that choice," Franck Périllier resumes. "On the one hand, the performance of HDX protocol that optimizes the display and the working comfort, and secondly, the Citrix Provisioning Server technology which saved us from deviating from our management style of the normal workstations and allowed us to meet a fairly tight schedule."

Contribute to Social Progress

Chosen in April 2010, the Citrix XenDesktop solution was deployed in July. Three months later, a dozen employees were already remote working and the goal of forty people working from their homes by the end of 2011 should be attained

What started as just a pilot project turned into a consolidation period through the signing of an agreement with the social partners. "With this innovative approach, Mondial Assistance contributes to social progress by balancing professional and private life, and meets its performance objectives," said Dominique Bost. Providers and clients have better quality reception on the phone and the absence of background office noises with remote workers, it makes it easier for our clients to listen. It can better absorb peak activity and can maintain an excellent level of service in all circumstances. It can also facilitate the integration of disabled people, which is much more of a social and economic factor that empowers the development of remote working at Mondial Assistance.

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For employees:

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