nGenx delivers anytime, anywhere access for accounting firm with hosted Citrix XenApp

Citrix Service Provider nGenx is a nationwide provider of outsourced IT services based in Evansville, IN. nGenx leverages Citrix® XenApp™ to deliver Microsoft® Office and line-of- business applications to customer desktops in a hosted virtual environment. Applications and data are hosted in an SAS70, Type II certified datacenter to provide high- performance remote access, data backup, disaster recovery and security.

One nGenx customer, OSI Business Services, offers virtual accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses throughout the United States. OSI develops policies and procedures to streamline and structure the accounting process. The unique OSI business model simplifies accounting and bookkeeping for its clients and enables them to extend their business day by focusing on their core business.

The Challenge: Accounting firm outgrew its IT infrastructure with just four onsite servers and plans to grow to 200 employees

OSI has 30+ home-based employees located across the United States who require secure, remote access to client applications and data with a continuous, high- performance experience on any device. This dispersed workforce requires consistent access to applications and client financial records while ensuring confidentiality and security of client data.

With just four servers on site and plans to grow to 200 employees, OSI outgrew its IT infrastructure and began considering a more sophisticated solution. Upon evaluating the options, OSI quickly recognized that an internal deployment with additional servers, an investment in facilities and an IT contractor would be costly, difficult to manage and make it impossible to budget for future growth.

The Solution: nGenx Office Anywhere® cloud solution, delivered by Citrix XenApp

OSI evaluated 10 cloud service providers and chose nGenx for hosted desktops because of its scalability and customized solution offering. “We chose the nGenx Office Anywhere® solution, delivered by Citrix XenApp, because it allows us to ramp up with both new employees and clients very quickly,” said Dennis Najjar, co-founder of OSI. “We can bring on new clients and new staff in one day.”

Key Benefits

Secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and data needed to update client records

In addition to providing employees access to company applications and client records via the hosted desktops, OSI offers its clients access to QuickBooks® applications so they can view and update their own records. To accommodate the requirements for employees and clients, nGenx implemented Office Anywhere to deliver Microsoft Office, Adobe® Acrobat® and a number of QuickBooks applications through the Citrix-based hosted solutions. No applications or data are installed locally on user devices. Instead, employees and clients log in via the Citrix® Web Interface to access applications and data securely stored in the nGenx datacenter.

Seamless scalability support to new clients, zero downtime for current employees

The ability to quickly add applications to meet new clients’ needs is a big bonus for OSI. It takes just one call to nGenx to make it happen. Additionally, OSI has the flexibility to expand the IT infrastructure without any upgrade costs or scope creep.

Most importantly, the Citrix-based hosted solutions offered by nGenx ensure that OSI employees remain productive with zero downtime. “Downtime is the death knell for a virtual business because our employees and our clients cannot access the system to review or process work,” said Najjar. “We originally used a code to track downtime in our time-keeping software. That code has become irrelevant thanks to nGenx Office Anywhere and XenApp.”

Ensure high level of customer satisfaction with XenApp

Citrix XenApp delivers results for OSI, plus provides a competitive advantage for nGenx. Previously, application management was a manual process that took a lot of time for a service provider to set up. XenApp has simplified that process significantly so nGenx can get customers up and running much faster. Additionally, XenApp provides customers the ability to administer simpler application management tasks on their own. With XenApp, nGenx delivers a simple remote access solution that is always available, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

“I am so happy with our decision to host and deliver customer applications with XenApp,” said Robert Bye, vice president and general manager, nGenx. “The XenApp solution has significantly reduced the time to get customers up and running, which helps increase efficiency and drives additional revenue. The greatest benefit is that our customers are thrilled with a solution that provides nearly zero downtime and keeps their team productive. A happy customer is a long-term customer, which equates to a lower cost of service and a projectable, long-term revenue stream.”

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The XenApp solution has significantly reduced the time to get customers up and running, which helps increase efficiency and drives additional revenue.
- Robert Bye

Vice President and General Manager

nGenx Corporation


Key Benefits

  • Secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and data
  • Seamless scalability support for new clients and productive employees with zero downtime
  • Ensure high level of customer satisfaction with XenApp

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