Enabling Enterprise Hosted Desktops

Dutch cloud service provider True enables enterprise and ISV customers to focus on business without worrying about the IT operation. The growing firm specializes in a two-part business: 1) providing more than 6500 hosted desktops for over 170 enterprise customers, and 2) supporting Software-as-a-Service applications for ISVs.

The Challenge: Allow businesses to focus on core expertise, not IT

Mid-sized businesses want to be the best in their area of expertise, but are challenged spending time and effort managing IT. Freedom to do business is also transforming fixed IT cost to flexible IT cost. When infrastructure investments in servers or storage start to add up, business leaders look for pay-as-you-go options. Outsourcing IT to a service provider can also provide good disaster recovery backup and enable staff to securely work from remote offices and from home. “80% of our customers have multiple locations,” said Erik van Laar, Manager of Sales and Marketing, True Workspace. “A health customer has 35 locations in the Netherlands. They work very independent, each autonomous in their IT decisions, using different versions of applications. Outsourcing the IT operations gave uniform IT application use, economies of scale and better quality in support.”

The Solution: Desktops as a service in a "pay per user, per month" model for predictable, flexible costs

True offers firms the ability to outsource their complete central IT environment, paying each month on a “per user, per month” basis. Behind the scenes, True uses Citrix XenApp to provide stable, secure virtual applications and desktops to customers. “Citrix was the first supplier to offer such a solution and True always kept Citrix as a strategic supplier and partner,” van Laar said. The flexible costs are appealing to decision makers who need to scale the business up or down. “In times of recession, if they have layoffs the customer can lower their costs immediately. Also, they don’t have to invest in servers and storage anymore,” explains van Laar, but cites a larger business driver for his customers. “They know each month what the cost will be, but truly it’s a more strategic decision to focus on the core activities of the business.” Even firms with a small IT team take advantage of True hosting desktops. The IT personnel can focus on more interesting activities like strategic IT projects that can help drive the business.

Key Benefits

Stability and scalability with accessibility from a variety of devices

“Citrix gives us a very stable platform that we can scale out. We have thousands of workplaces and couldn’t have done it without Citrix technology,” said van Laar. Citrix Receiver allowing desktops on many devices is also important van Laar says, “The amount of mobile devices is increasing very quickly – our service desk receives many questions from end users who brought a tablet and want to install Citrix. The availability of Citrix Receiver for every operating system and device is crucial.”

Citrix reputation and technology leadership

“Customers are always interested in the innovation of Citrix. In the past customers were working only with business applications like Microsoft Office, but more and more users are working with multimedia on their hosted desktops. XenApp and HDX are very important because our customers say they want to work in a rich multimedia environment,” van Laar says.

Service provider as a strategic partner

The Citrix relationship allows True to be the expert, “Our customers expect True to take the lead in IT innovation when they outsource their IT environment to us. They don’t have to invest time and money in innovation and can choose to follow at their own pace the innovations that True implements.”

Ability to grow through the Citrix Service Provider Program

With the pay-as-you-go model, the Citrix Service Provider Program allows True to provide multiple technologies to customers through one relationship. “Every month we have a minimum of one new customer with more than 50 seats. We see many customers who use SaaS apps, but deliver an online workplace and hosted desktops. They use the SaaS apps like they did before, but now through a Citrix online workplace.”

Looking Ahead

With 13 years of IT outsourcing and hosted services experience, True aims to become the largest service provider for mid-size companies in the Netherlands. van Laar has advice for other firms looking to build hosted desktop businesses: “Focus. Many other companies offer this as one of their many services, but a hosted desktop is not something you can do as a third or fourth activity of your firm. Like our customers say, focus on your core activity.”

About True

Cloud Service Provider True delivers IT outsourcing services to midsized organizations. As a result, the customers can focus on their core activity. IT cost becomes flexible and employees can work from any device, any time, anywhere. True is one of the few Service Providers with an ISAE 3402 and NEN 7510 certificate. Combined with more than 13 years of experience and with a redundant datacenter, your IT is in safe hands with True.  

About Citrix

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Citrix gives us a very stable platform that we can scale out. We have thousands of workplaces and couldn’t have done it without Citrix technology.
- Erik van Laar

Executive Director

True Workspace


  • Hosted desktops for mid-sized organizations

Key Benefits

  • Stability and scalability
  • Accessibility from a variety of devices (BYOD)
  • No investments, pay-as-you-go
  • Service provider as strategic partner
  • Freedom to focus on core business

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