Get exceptional experiences across all of your applications with Citrix ADC on Microsoft Azure

Learn how to optimize app performance with Citrix ADC and Microsoft Azure

Organizations rely on Microsoft cloud services for a broad array of business applications, but networking performance and bandwidth latency are major IT concerns for delivering the best Modern Workplace experience. Citrix ADC provides a reliable, secure, and cost-effective delivery solution for your hybrid-cloud architecture and Azure-hosted applications.

  • Securely onboard applications like Microsoft 365/Office 365 to Azure, enabling modern desktop SaaS and mobile app scenarios.
  • Right-size capacity to improve speed, security, and resiliency.
  • Optimize application performance and management visibility with Citrix Intelligence, and Citrix ADC for Azure Private DNS.

Streamline app management for your hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure.



Citrix ADC on Microsoft AzureはL4-L7仮想ネットワークアプライアンスであり、これを使うことで、企業や組織はクラウドに配備されているセキュアで最適化されたアプリケーションと資産へのアクセスを確保できるようになります。Citrix ADC on Azureにより、すべてのクラウド ホステッド アプリケーションに対してクラウドネイティブのプロキシソリューションが提供されます。Citrix ADC on Azureは、現在、Azure Marketplaceを通じた従量制ライセンスを取得するか、またはBring Your Own License(BYOL)による永続ライセンスを通じてご利用いただけます。

By subscribing to Citrix ADC Global Server Load Balancing’s (GSLB) service, Azure turns a hybrid cloud into one virtual data center. This operational agility allows high-value data to be stored in a private data center and the remaining data hosted in Azure. At the configuration level, Citrix extends the agility even further with a seamless compatibility via customizable configuration templates and set-up wizards that make configuring Citrix ADC with Microsoft applications easy.

Through the Azure DNS Private Zones, you can rely on the Citrix ADC Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) power and intelligence to distribute intranet traffic across workloads located in multiple geographies and across data centers, connected via secure VPN tunnels. Azure provides seamless migration paths, phase-in options, and global reach making for faster and easier adoption of a hybrid-cloud.

Citrix ADC for Azure DNS runs on the high-performance VPX virtual appliance and delivers:

  • Workload scaling with granular control.
  • Company intranet domain management.
  • High-performance traffic load balancing across Azure and your on-prem environments.


See how Citrix ADC can improve your network traffic performance for all of your on-prem, cloud, and hybrid-cloud applications.