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What is ADC?

Applications are the lifeline of any business. Because of this, it’s crucial that applications are available, reliable and secure around the clock.  This is where application delivery controllers, or ADCs, play a critical role by providing a set of functions to optimize enterprise application environments. Businesses use ADCs to ensure datacenter security and reliability of enterprise applications and to maximize resource usage – all while optimizing end-user experience.

ADCs are advanced load balancers with features that enhance the performance of applications.  The market has evolved from the load-balancing systems that were specifically developed to ensure the availability and scalability of websites. Today, companies of all sizes, locations and data constructs use ADCs to optimize their application environments.

Why Citrix for ADC?

Citrix NetScaler is an all-in-one web ADC that reduces web application ownership costs and keeps applications available 24/7.  NetScaler ADC is deployed in thousands of networks globally to:

  • Make applications run five times faster
  • Reduce web application ownership costs
  • Control the delivery of enterprise and cloud services
  • Maximize the quality of end-user experience – including mobile clients

Citrix NetScaler ADC uses TriScale technology to deliver unprecedented cloud scalability to the datacenter.

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