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Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management, based on recently-acquired Cedexis technology, stands in a class of its own. No other vendor offers authoritative DNS backed by billions of real-time measurements every day to route your traffic to the best-performing cloud, CDN or data center in real time. While some vendors have attempted to emulate our model, none have done so with all the features and measurements at web scale. If avoiding outages and increasing network performance is your goal, the only good choice is Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management.

Side-by-side vendor comparison

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management offers a more comprehensive solution for customers to ensure the best experience when users access their content.

  Citrix Amazon
Route 53
Dyn NSOne Neustar
Internet Monitoring
Real User API    
Virtual/Synthetic User API API
Web Scale  
Load Balancing
Availability Based
RUM Performance Based Real-time Daily    
Synthetic Performance Based
Web Scale  
Integrated Solution
RUM & Load Balancing DIY Insufficient coverage
Insufficient coverage  

Video delivery is more complex than simple web content. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management for video provides a fuller feature set that offers not only the right site selection as well as continuous feedback about the video quality. Citrix is ahead of the other major players in this field with a more comprehensive offering.

  Citrix NPAW Conviva Akamai DLVR
DNS Authoritative    
Alternative Protocols
Multiple CDNs
CDNs and Origins/Private Caches
Partial Support Partial Support Partial Support
Origins and Private Caches
Partial Support Partial Support    
Custom Algorithms
RUM Inputs
  Partial Support    
Community RUM Inputs
  Partial Support    
Pre-video play start decision
Partial Support Partial Support   Partial Support
Post-video play start decisions
Origin health inputs        

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